Steve and I, along with our friend Dan Harrison, thoroughly enjoyed our outing with the North Texas Region Cadillac & LaSalle Club to the George W. Bush Library. Approaching from the North on Central Expressway, signs clearly directed us to exit and turn on to SMU Boulevard. Close parking is across the street, with overflow parking only a block away. After passing through security and purchasing our tickets, we saw exhibits of lavish gifts to the President and Mrs. Bush from foreign countries. Next, we passed into an open foyer, where every 15 minutes, a 3-D introductory film displays above your heads. It is a very realistic representation of active Americans that rotates around the room then appears to “freeze” into etched images of limestone. Saving the exterior patio with the statues of the two Presidents Bush for last, we began our self-paced journey through the exhibit area. A smart-phone app is available which turns a phone into a headphone-like device, but we chose to read the descriptions on our own. At several points, there are small seating areas with short video presentations. There is campaign memorabilia, facts about the 36 days of the Bush-Gore election outcome, informational displays about issues during Bush’s presidency, exhibits on women’s and humanitarian issues, and even displays of Laura’s dresses. A twisted beam from the World Trade Center is surrounded by exhibits about 9/11. In the Decision Points room with computer monitors, you and your group choose a conflict (such as Hurricane Katrina or Saddam Hussein), hear expert reports/opinions, vote on how you would have responded, then hear President Bush explain how he responded and why. There are several hands-on educational activities for young people as well. Of course there is a reproduction of the Oval Office where you can have your picture made sitting in the President’s chair and a lovely replica of the Rose Garden. We took our pictures in front of the Presidents’ statues, checked out the gift shop, and left for a deli-cious Italian dinner at Campisi’s. The museum does a wonderful job of informing the public about George W. Bush and his presidency.

2013 November Bush Library

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