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North Texas Region Cadillac and LaSalle Club

In 1969, the North Texas club was formed by Al H. and others to have fun and show off their old Cadillacs. Al H. had a 1950 black Cadillac convertible. In 1970, the club was having regular meetings and showing off their old cars.

In 1971, was resurrected again following the guidelines of the National Cadillac Club. Its purpose was for the development, publication and exchange information pertaining to Cadillacs and LaSalle automobiles, to encourage maintenance, preservation and restoration of all Cadillacs and LaSalle automobiles, and to promote our social fellowship among members of the club and spread the word of the Cadillac Club.

In 1972, we participate in our first swap meet at Mr. Pate’s ranch in Cresson, Texas. The swap meet was later relocated to North Texas Motor Speedway where it is held every year on the last week of April. Our club has a work day in March to prepare the vendor space tiles, and a work day on the Saturday before PATE for setting up PATE with the vendor space markers and street signs. Our club has a tent during the week at Pate for us to tell about the great opportunities of our club. On Sunday, we help with tear down of the swap meet and prepare for next year. We participate in working Pate for the purpose of meeting our financial needs. More information about Pate can be found on our web site by clicking on PATE on the sidebar.

In 1986, our club hosted its first Grand National at Green Oaks, Fort Worth, Texas. In 1996, our club hosted its second Grand National at Harvey, Irving, Texas. In June 2011, the North Texas Region of the Cadillac LaSalle Club, along with our co-hosts the Gulf Coast Region and the Central Texas Region, held a weeklong National Tour of the Plains in the Panhandle of Texas.

NTXCLC meets with the other two Regions in North Texas, Gulf Coast and Central, for an interregional each year for a driving tour in Texas for a weekend. Always loads of fun, meeting new friends, visiting with old friends, kicking a few tires, enjoying driving our vehicles, and seeing different parts of our wonderful state.

Because NTXCLC covers a large territory, we try to schedule our events to cover our large area, participate in events, offers scholarships for our young Cadillac youths. We encourage our members to remember our sick and love ones. We encourage our members to participate in our monthly activities. We work with Cadillac Dealers and charity organization, Toys for Tots and Veterans. We love to have fun with our friends. For our scheduled activities, follow the link to Calendar. Our club wants members to be active by being on the board or hosting an event. Reading our newsletter “The Standard of the World” and the National newsletter “Self Starter” will keep everyone informed. We offer some merchandise for sell which can be found under Merchandise link. Our club offers driving points for driving their Cadillac or LaSalle. The driving points are used at the end of the year for a prize.

For the ones, who want to join, membership information can be found at Membership Link Think about this, our club does not require a person to own a Cadillac or LaSalle. Some of our members, doesn’t own one.